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If you are wanting to know how your favorite country artists got started in the music industry, how their songs became hits, and how you too can get started, The Producer’s Chair is the only place where EVERYBODY can connect with Nashville’s most prominent producers. By becoming a member you will gain access to all of our episodes featuring behind-the-scenes stories and tips.

The Story Behind, The Producer’s Chair

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the past 10 yrs, how I got the idea for The Producer’s Chair. I’d been a full-time musician and performer for 35 yrs and I wanted to know ‘why’ I never reached the level of success I’d always dreamed of having. By the time 2006 had rolled around, I had been living in Nashville for 4 years and my biggest frustration was that if you asked 5 people the same question, most often than not, you got 5 different answers. Then, one evening I had an epiphany … “Everybody in the music industry is after the Major Producers.”

Songwriters, publishers and independent pluggers are after them to cut their songs, musicians are after the producers for session work, the studios are after them for their business, recording engineers/mixers, programmers and mastering engineers are all dependent on them for their livelihood, new artists are after them to produce their label pitch projects and get them a record deal, the labels are after them to produce their roster of artists, studio equipment manufacturers are after their endorsements, on new studio gear and … the major artists are reliant on them, to produce ‘Hit Records’. And I thought … wow … That’s a lot of power.

Then it hit me … Why hasn’t anyone put these guys in the spotlight? And in that moment, I knew that I’d discovered ‘The best kept secret in the music industry’.
The rest, as they say is history. The next day I called Scott Hendricks at Warner Bros. and told him that I wanted to create an event called The Producer’s Chair, where the community could meet with major producers and discuss everything they wanted to know about everything from record deals, publishing deals, distribution deals, radio, co-writing, pitching songs and getting cuts to, co-ventures, artist development and beyond.

To my delight, Scott actually liked the idea and he agreed to be my first guest on the show. Over the next two months I found ‘THE CHAIR’, designed the set, booked the venue and on August 26, 2006 I did my first show at 3rd & Lindsley, where they were lined up around the block, thanks to a full page spread in The Tennessean, featuring my first 4-part series with Scott Hendricks, Michael Knox, Frank Liddell and David Z.

Today I can honestly say … The depth of information that the producers share on the show about the music, the history, the people, perceptions, relationships, timing, procedures, pecking order, production, the past, the present and the future challenges facing our industry and most importantly “Being Ready” is far beyond anything I could have imagined …

God only knows … There’s nothing worse than spinning your wheels.

Everyone who attends the live show has the opportunity to:

  • Submit a demo for my producer guest.
  • Ask questions during Q & A.
  • Win great door prizes ranging from microphones, studio headsets and software packages, to free studio & rehearsal time.
  • Have their photo taken with my guest in a meet-n-greet, after the show.